Christian stewards recognize that everything we are and everything we have truly belongs to God. Through our baptism, we are all given gifts. God expects us to use these gifts and to share them with others. If we truly believe this, we can’t help but respond with profound gratitude. This gratitude is expressed in the way we live our everyday lives. This is what we, as members of the Body of Christ, call stewardship.

The Office of Stewardship and Development offers various resources to help you learn to use and to share your God given gifts though your time, talent and treasure.

 What is Stewardship?

The word “stewardship” refers to the Catholic approach to the gifts that God has bestowed upon us. Everything that God has given to us is intended to serve His divine plan. Therefore, our life is to be lived in gratitude toward God. In a variety of ways, we as disciples of Christ, share our time, talent and treasure to build up the Church and make our world a better place.

As the Body of Christ, we are all one so that what affects one of us, affects all of us.

Stewardship is not simply making donations or taking care of the building and grounds. It is a spirituality— a way of life—made of four parts:

  • Receiving the gifts of God with gratitude
  • Cultivating them responsibly
  • Sharing them lovingly in justice with others
  • Standing before the Lord in a spirit of accountability

It is up to you to determine how you will live out this stewardship way of life.

Who is a Christian steward?

One who receives God’s gifts gratefully, cherishes and tends them in a responsible manner, shares them in justice and love with others, and returns them with increase to the Lord.

From the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Pastoral Letter on Stewardship