When we speak of God’s gifts, it does not refer only to the monetary provisions God has made for us. Therefore, when we talk about stewardship, it is also not limited to money. Too frequently, people see the word, ‘stewardship’ and right away are turned off for many reasons. Perhaps they’ve already given or feel they have nothing to give. Just as God does not stop giving to us, we must continue to give back to the Lord.

There are many resources available for parishes and people interested in learning more about stewardship. Please take a look at some of the materials below.

Parish Tool Box

We would like to offer the following tools to assist you in developing or enhancing the stewardship committee in your parish. Our staff will:
  • Meet with the pastor and/or parish council members to discuss how to start a committee. Training packets are available and free of charge.
  • Show you how to choose effective members and further train existing members. Finding the right person for the job is an integral part of an effective stewardship team. We’re here to help you reach out to these members in your parish that will fulfill this responsibility and let it fulfill them.
  • Recommend literature to review and discuss. Part of our role is to stay up to date with current practices and teachings. Let us offer some suggestions on literature that is in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • Direct members in conducting effective ministry follow-up. Follow-up is a crucial piece in encouraging parishioners to give their time, talent, and treasure. We can offer suggestions to reach out to those in the parish that me be considered untapped resources.
  • Show members how to emphasize stewardship year-round. Stewardship is more than a once a year event – it’s a way of life!
  • Offer to speak at your parish on Stewardship as a way of life. This is not only an informative presentation, but a way for the diocese to reach out to parishes and offer assistance and support. These talks can be tailored to suit the needs of your parish.

Recommended Literature


“Stewardship – A Disciple’s Response”

US Bishop’s Pastoral Letter

USCCB Publishing

800-235-8722 or www.usccb.org


“More Than Silver or Gold”

Fr. Dan Mahan

St. Catherine of Sienna Press



“Forming Generous Hearts”

Lisa Anslinger & Victoria Shepp

Twenty Third Publications

PO Box 6015 New London, CT 06320



“The Passionate Steward”

Michael O’Hurley

St. Brigid Press

21 Shaftesbury Ave., Ste.A

Toronto, ON M4T 3B4




“Growing an Engaged Church”

Albert L. Winseman

Gallup Press

1251 Avenue of the Americas

23rd Floor

New York, NY 10020



“What the Church Teaches – Stewardship”

Our Sunday Visitor



Stewardship Links

International Catholic Stewardship Council



United States Conference of Catholic Bishops



K-YES Radio